The Shortest Distance Between 2 Points is a Business Network.

As a marketing-oriented, business strategist, MCM assists clients with creating and expanding their reach through targeted brand development and qualified networking. Think of us as business instigators who maximize marketing messaging, social media strategies and networking training to help companies hone their brand development. We devise imaginative business solutions and open opportunities for meeting more prospects, strategic partners and high caliber vendors. The relationships we create are strategic. The results are invaluable. Many say success depends on whom you know. As a professional services advisor, we ensure our clients convey the right message so they can meet the right people.

Strategic Networking for Profitable Alliances.

Our three core service areas (strategic analysis, consulting & training, and Rainmaker professional networking events) are designed to increase revenue through targeted business development planning. These services include everything from LinkedIn® training to help clients better network online to offline introductions between like-minded parties.

Proof is in the Connections.

To increase revenue through networking for her clients, president Marian Mullally harnesses her 14 years of business development, marketing and event experience. She also relies on her extensive personal network. She has introduced thousands of people and companies, motivating them to stay creative in their attempts to win business and gain market share. She is savvy and tenacious, a business consultant who understands how to create opportunity and seize every business moment.