Case Study #3: Staying on top of the New Track

Acquiring Professional Development

Most Professional Service Firms employ a structured promotional track that incentivizes advancement based on set billable hour requirements. As new associates learn to service clients and build a book of business, they are promoted to positions of senior associate, counsel and partner. This works well in robust economies. When times are lean, firms can’t afford to keep non-producers as employees, which increases demands on partners who no longer have the time to mentor staff and help them produce. The situation becomes a vicious cycle.

MCM's Training Program

Because of our stellar reputation for effective networking, Keller & Heckman hired us to implement an associate development program to help newer associates attain strategic skills for building a more qualified book of business. The comprehensive training program included defining marketing and business development plans, identifying key professional growth and business development platforms, facilitating new business opportunity meetings, establishing key messaging, and creating classes for LinkedIn® training and business development coaching. We equipped associates with the tools they needed to become high producing employees.

Solid Financial Results

MCM’s training program has led to tangible results. Since participating, Keller and Heckman’s associate team has:

  • grown their online and offline networks
  • published articles
  • increased committee participation
  • enhanced business development initiatives
  • created community relations opportunities

Efforts generated new business, referrals and relationships for the firm.