Case Study #2: Learning the Language of Online Networking

Increasing Seminar Attendance

Industry leaders from Health & Wellness, Insurance, Benefits, Retirement, Human Resources and related sectors set up a seminar for sharing updates, best practices and new technologies. Like most conferences, the top concern was attracting attendees. Additionally, the board and committee members sought guidance on the best medium for creating synergies amongst members and communicating the seminar theme.

Leveraging Social Media

After analyzing conference needs and matching them against several existing online networking platforms, we recommended they use LinkedIn® to achieve their goals. We then worked with The Western Pension and Benefits Conference's Seattle Chapter to promote the Spring Seminar: "Learning a New Language" by harnessing LinkedIn®’s many features and enrolling members in a WP&BC LinkedIn® group. Through the group we were able to:

  • post updates with event and industry information
  • poll members for engagement
  • reach out to other select LinkedIn Industry groups and group leaders

Exceptionally Successful Conference

The chapter was able to promote the event, increase ticket sales, strengthen and expand their constituency, share ideas, network, and connect with other industry groups and leaders. This case illustrates the many ways online networking efforts can strengthen offline programs.